Pupils are self-isolating in 15 schools in the Salisbury area, and 105 schools county-wide.

According to Wiltshire Council, Public Health England confirmed that there were 105 schools and nurseries in Wiltshire with cases.

Last week, the council reported more than 4,000 Wiltshire pupils were self-isolating.

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This comes as classroom bubbles - where whole classes could be sent home - were scrapped from Monday (July 19).

The 15 schools in the area affected by cases in the Salisbury and Amesbury area are Amesbury Archer, Amesbury CE Primary, Greentrees Primary, Harnham Primary, Kingsgate Primary, Longford Primary, Pitton Primary, Sarum Academy, Smiley Face Nursery, South Wilts Grammar, St Joseph's Catholic School, Stonehenge School, Trafalgar School, Woodford Valley Primary, and Wyvern St Edmund's.

Director of Public Health for Wiltshire, Kate Blackburn, said that previously there were single cases in schools without onward transmission.

She said at the weekly local Covid-19 briefing: "We are seeing onward transmission this time in schools and businesses. The Delta variant is more transmissible.

“Restrictions have relaxed that bit more outside of the school and work environment and it is a different picture this time and it is leading to high numbers of individuals either with the virus or self-isolating.

“I think one of the things to remember is that just because restrictions are changing, it doesn’t mean we need to forget all the best practices which have helped reduce not just Covid but any infectious disease.

“This goes across all settings, businesses, schools and other organisations.”

She added: “We’re also seeing high levels of other respiratory diseases in children and young people and an increase in other infections we would usually associate with winter months.

“So this is adding to an already pressurised health system.”

Covid cases in Wiltshire have been on the rise, but so far hospitalisations and deaths are fairly low in the area.

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