The city council has bought its first electric vehicle in a move towards achieving 'clean air' in Salisbury.

Salisbury City Council has added an electric/hybrid van to their fleet of vehicles and it can be spotted around the city from today (July 21).

The van is a Ford Transit Custom Electric Hybrid 340L1.

It will be used to travel with equipment to Salisbury’s play parks on a daily basis where the council's grounds team carry out safety checks and inspections.

The city council will look to purchase another electric/hybrid van later this year.

Their goal is to only own or operate electric vehicles, either by replace or convert their current ones.

Salisbury City Council declared a climate emergency in June 2019 and is working to make the city as carbon neutral as possible by 2030.

This aim involves working with partners to achieve 'clean air' in Salisbury by next year, which involves reducing vehicle emissions and supporting public transport, cycling and walking.

The council also is encouraging the phasing out of diesel-powered buses by operators, replacing them with cleaner or non-polluting alternatives, and is ensuring council-owned property is well-insulated, and fitted with solar panels where possible.

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