A COUNCILLOR has hit back at plans for an additional 106 houses along Netherhampton Road, raising concerns around employment and traffic.

Plans to build 640 homes along the A3094 in Harnham had already been given the green light last year, and now a separate application for a further 106 homes has been submitted to Wiltshire Council by Vistry Homes Limited.

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In light of the latest application, city Councillor Annie Riddle questioned where hundreds of new Salisbury tenants could work, adding there was a risk of increased commuter traffic at Harnham Gyratory.

Salisbury Journal: Salisbury City Councillor Annie RiddleSalisbury City Councillor Annie Riddle

She said: "During the election campaign the one question people kept asking me was: 'can you stop all this housing going up on Netherhampton Road?', and I had to say no, sadly, it was a done deal.

"Goodness knows where all these new inhabitants are going to work. Salisbury's not exactly awash with well-paid jobs going begging, is it?

"So if they're not retirees they'll be commuters queuing at the Gyratory. If this is coherent planning policy, I'm a Martian." 

The new plans are calling for up to 106 dwellings north of Netherhampton Road, west of the existing Harnham village and to the north of Harnham Business Park.

Affordable housing is to be delivered at 40 per cent, alongside housing with between one and four bedrooms including bungalows and flats, and the development would include a new primary school, employment space and country park.

A decision will be made on the application on September 28 of this year.

Salisbury City Council's planning committee will be discussing the application in its meeting on Monday, August 2, at 6.30pm in the Guildhall.

To view the application in full click here or search under planning number PL/2021/06594.

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