Where did the inspiration come from for GoWalkies?

"After leaving the army in 2012, I really struggled with post traumatic stress disorder [PTSD] and - in addition to receiving incredible support from the army veteran charity, Help for Heroes - I found that dog walking really helped my mental health.

In developing GoWalkies, I wanted to create a platform that would provide the opportunity for others to benefit too, whilst offering a solution to the millions of dog owners who cannot commit the time required each day to walking their dog due to work or family commitments – particularly in the wake of lockdown periods and a vast increase in dog ownership.

In realising that most existing dog walking apps available are based in the US, and often take a cut from dog walker’s earnings as high as 25-40%, I wanted to create a UK alternative that lets dog walkers keep 100% of their fee, whilst offering dog owners a trusted and reliable solution for exercising their four-legged friend."

Salisbury Journal:

What were your goals in creating GoWalkies?

"I have a very clear goal for GoWalkies to become the UK’s number one dog walking app, with an established and national network of professional, carefully vetted dog walkers.

The app officially launched in June 2021 and has been designed to quickly and easily connect dog walkers with dog owners – enabling walkers to grow their dog-walking business around their own lifestyle and schedule, while giving owners total peace of mind over the care and safety of their canine companions." 

How does GoWalkies benefit dog walkers?

"I believe that freelance professional dog walkers should keep 100% of their earnings.

GoWalkies is designed to put dog-walkers in the driving seat when it comes to their own earnings. It’s the world’s first on-demand dog walking app that allows them to set their own pricing and keep 100% of their fee.

What’s more, the app provides a go-to hub for discovering and connecting with dog owners in a target area or region and provides the tools dog walkers need to grow and manage their business - allowing them to establish client rapport through quality customer service, while building a bank of reviews and testimonials."

Salisbury Journal:

How does GoWalkies put dog owners at ease whilst their dog is being walked?

"All our dog-walkers are vetted, identity-checked and strongly encouraged to invest in their own business insurance.

In downloading and using the app, dog owners have the option of viewing all walkers’ GoWalkies profile, along with their reviews and testimonials to provide peace of mind ahead of making a booking. Once a booking is confirmed, walkers can share their location and even send live photos in real-time using the in-app tracking features, so owners never have to worry about where their dog-walker is. Additionally, all transactions between walkers and owners are carried out via the app, ensuring safety and security with every booking.

Tell us about your partnership with Help for Heroes.

"Help for Heroes provided me crucial support for PTSD when I left the army in 2012, after nearly 10 years of service. It’s a charity that remains very close to my heart, and I wanted to form the partnership as a way of giving back.

We have pledged to donate 10% of our annual profits to Help for Heroes, and hope this will encourage other veterans to consider creating their own dog walking business as an alternative career opportunity that can help improve their mental health."

What is next for GoWalkies?

Global domination. I am determined for GoWalkies to become the universal dog walking app that successfully connects dog walkers and dog owners worldwide. As the brand grows, we will aim to disrupt the market and increase share over existing US providers, while incorporating other key services like dog training, grooming and sitting.

Passionate about dog safety and welfare, I also plan to work closely with governments and industry bodies to regulate dog walking so that it is safer and fairer for all, therefore ensuring GoWalkies becomes a voice of authority for the sector."

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