Now that the Stonehenge tunnel timescale has been pushed further into the future isn’t it time to consider some relatively inexpensive but aggressive traffic management solutions to keep traffic on the move, albeit more slowly?

I propose the following:

  • Force westbound A303/A345 north traffic into the left hand lane on the approach to the Countess roundabout using a fixed barrier from the Solstice Park exit.  The left hand lane to be reserved for A345 south traffic with the barrier preventing access to the A303 beyond the roundabout from this lane.
  • Make the dual section to the west of Countess roundabout single file using the left lane thus removing the bottleneck at the top of the hill.
  • Put in a variable speed limit on the west bound lane on the approach to Countess roundabout to slow things down when required
  • Put plentiful signage in for several miles advising drivers of the system and which lane to use.
  • Put up a visual barrier to prevent vehicles slowing down past Stonehenge to get a look at the monument.

John Biscomb,

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