A LIFE-SAVING defibrillator is now available at a Poulner pub thanks to the generosity of the community and the landlord.

When the London Tavern, which is located on Linford Road, was broken into during the lockdown last November a crowdfunding campaign was started to ensure the pub could be made safe.

The fundraising efforts raised £1,5000. But thanks to QE Metalblast and Elite Fabrication, the repairs were carried out for nothing.

Phil Hoyle, who has run the pub for three years, decided the money should be spent on something to benefit the community – and so bought a defibrillator.

The life-saving device is now attached to the front of the pub. When the defibrillators are used spoken instructions are given and the device will not shock someone unless they need it.

Phil said: “Everyone was so generous after we were broken into – and the repairs were carried out for nothing.

“It left us with around £1,500 so we thought a defibrillator would be a useful addition to the village.

“If there is an emergency locally then 999 operators know where the defibrillator is and have the access code."

“The lockdowns have brought the community closer together and we were pleased to play our part," added Phil.

“Although we’ve bought the defibrillator, we hope it is never needed.”

The British Heart Foundation says after a cardiac arrest, every minute without CPR and defibrillation reduces someone's chance of survival by 10 per cent.

Volunteer community first responder and pub regular Denis Hamm, said: “This is a fantastic asset for the community.

"They really do save lives – I’ve used them myself. In an emergency speed is crucial and the quicker a defibrillator can be brought to the patient the better the chances of survival.”

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