Supermarkets across Britain have come up with creative ways to cover up empty shelves.

Single lines of products and the removal of entire aisles are some of the things supermarkets have done to hide their empty shelves.

Shoppers have been left frustrated at the lack of food available with blame being placed on Brexit, worker shortages, and the ‘pingdemic’.

One disgruntled Tesco shopper in Camborne, Cornwall, revealed entire aisles had been removed to eliminate the sight of empty shelves.

Salisbury Journal:

At another Tesco in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, pulled a single line of squash bottles to the front of the shelves to give customers the impression of being fully stocked.

Tesco in South Queensferry, Edinburgh, used large Coke bottles to form a barrier stopping shoppers from glimpsing the desolate shelves behind.

There was no hiding the rows of empty freezers inside Morrisons in Pilton, Edinburgh, where all 'Free From' frozen products were completely sold out.

Salisbury Journal:

In Worcestershire, at a Sainsburys in Blackpole, empty shelves were filled with boxes asking customers to “bear with us.”

At the Waitrose on London Road many shelves were left looking bare with huge gaps noted in the fruit and water aisles in particular.

Meanwhile at the Tesco on Windermere drive, Warndon, stickers informing customers of when products were to return were put in place of the missing items.

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