A visitor to Salisbury has said he was stuck in "absolute nightmare" traffic for 55 minutes on the Southampton Road roundabout earlier this week.

Max French, from Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset, said that Salisbury is "such a lovely city", and traffic on Southampton Road "seems to be the only downside".

He was passing through the city to get home from the Wickham Festival in Hampshire, on Monday mid-afternoon (August 9) when he was caught up at the roundabout for 55 minutes.

The roundabout, near the Premier Inn, carries traffic from the A36 into the city.

He said: "I've travelled in most major towns and cities through business for many years, and the approach to that roundabout is the worst.

"It's where the dual carriageway goes into one, everybody seems to just think they should just go up in front, and it took us 55 minutes to complete the roundabout.

"If you're coming in from the Southampton side to get to that Premier Inn, you're going to get to that roundabout and wish you had gone somewhere else. It's hopeless.

"We were there at 3pm and it would probably be much worse travelling during rush hour.

"I don't want to bad-mouth such a lovely place, but I think next time we will come in from some other way.

"We love Salisbury, just not that roundabout."

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