POLICE have issued some advice to drivers on what to do if they are involved in a collision with an animal in the New Forest.

Hampshire Constabulary has issued the guidance as it says this time of year can see a rise in collisions involving animals. 

A statement from the force said: "We wanted to provide some guidance, as this time of the year often brings with it a rise in animal vehicle collisions across the New Forest; whether that be deer, horses or ponies.

"Often, poor driving conditions such as heavy rain or driving late at night and / or early morning during winter months, sadly contribute to the many deaths of deer, horses and ponies in the New Forest each year.

"In addition, deer are at high-risk of being disturbed by members of the public when visiting the New Forest, often meaning that they flee from the area and scatter into the road where they are likely to be struck by passing cars.

"The following advice is what to do if you are involved in one, or become aware of a situation in which you might need to know what to do next."

If you see an injured animal on the roadside

  • Pull over at a safe place
  • Call Hampshire Constabulary on 101
  • Give as precise a location as you can for example use What3Words 
  • Do not try to assist or move the deer as this can put you in danger

If you hit an animal while driving

  • Keep yourself and anyone with you as safe as you can
  • Park your car in the safest place with hazard lights on
  • Call an ambulance if required for any injuries sustained to people involved in the collision
  • Call Hampshire Constabulary immediately on 999

If the animal is alive and still visible at roadside

  • It is best not to approach, as it may cause it to run across traffic causing another accident
  • Do not move or handle live deer, this needs a trained specialist. Do not place it in your car
  • Call Hampshire Constabulary immediately on 999
  • Giving as precise a location as you can (e.g. via use of What3Words)


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