RESIDENTS in Godshill are calling for action over a “dangerous road” in urgent need of repair.

They say Woodgreen Road is in an “increasingly dangerous state”.

In February this year, they say, discussions took place to get a permanent fix to the drainage issue, damaged road surface and “gorge-like” shoulders.

And at the same time a roadworks sign, to protect a broken surface water pipe, was erected and Hampshire Highways officials agreed to reconstruct and resurface the road and said that they would plan a road closure.

Residents say further serious erosion has taken place at various points along the road since and there has been no announcement over a possible start date for the work.

Sonia Green, who has lived in the lane for 21 years, says the road had been getting worse over the years and added: “This is not a new problem. I have a photograph of the erosion I reported in 2013. It is now over a foot deep in places and has never been repaired properly.

“This time we have been given excuse after excuse. Now the holiday season has begun and Highways have left unwary walkers, cyclists and motorists at risk, let alone local users and residents.”

Another resident who regularly walks her dog along the lane said: “Its terrifying with the road in this condition. We have had four incidents with upside-down vehicles arriving outside our house in the past six years - all related to the free flowing water, and the related sheets of ice when it freezes over.

"The accidents are not just ice related, but also exacerbated by all the loose matter and poor road condition.”

Another, who lives near the ford, said “the gullies here are deep enough to capture incautious drivers - I had to extract a car from one last year and they have deteriorated since”.

Cllr Richard Fell, Godshill Parish Council chair, said: “Godshill Parish Council have been working together with Hampshire County Council, our county councillor and have also raised the issue through The New Forest Association of Local Councils to try and expedite a resolution to the issues as these affect many other local parishes also.

“Woodgreen Road is a sinuous narrow country road that is unfortunately used as a rat-run to connect the A338 to the M27 Motorway.

“Despite the 7.5T weight limit, it is also used by HGV traffic from local businesses, some of which are over 40T, which accelerates any degradation of the surface, shoulders and underground drainage. Residents have, understandably, become increasingly concerned and frustrated.”

Councillor Russell Oppenheimer, Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Highway Operations, said: “We are aware that maintenance work is required in Woodgreen Road and a number of repairs are scheduled to take place in early September which will include improvements to the surface water drainage system.

"For the safety of residents, road users and our workforce, this much needed maintenance work will need to take place under a temporary road closure. We will be putting out advanced warning and information signs in due course.”

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