A POST office branch in Ringwood is to remain closed.

The post office at McColls on Southampton Road closed at the end of August last year due to the resignation of the postmaster and the withdrawal of the premises for post office use.

A Post Office spokesperson said: “The operator for Ringwood Post Office resigned as the store, where the branch was based, closed in August 2020.

“We know how important a Post Office is to a community and we continue to try to restore service to Ringwood. The vacancy is advertised on www.runapostoffice.co.uk.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the temporary closure of the branch. In the interim alternative branches include Parsonage Barn Lane and Poulner.”

A letter on the Post Office website said that since the closure last year it has been "exploring" options to restore the service in the area.

"The vacancy in Ringwood has been advertised on our website and a member of the field team has also personally visited the area but so far, we have received no interest or formal applications for the position," the letter stated.

"Unfortunately, we have therefore been unable to identify a suitable solution and I’m writing to you and other local representatives to advise you that as there have been no suitable opportunities to re-establish a service, this branch will remain closed.

"We would of course consider any appropriate options if there are any significant changes in the area in the future. However due to the length of time the branch has been closed, we would need to satisfy ourselves that any new opportunity would be sustainable for both Post Office Ltd and the operator."

The letter added: "We regret that we have been unable to restore a service locally."

Ringwood mayor, Cllr Tony Ring said: "I am very disappointed to know that the Post Office has been unable to re-establish this vital service.

"Many Ringwood residents are reliant on a Post Office presence in the town centre and find it difficult to understand that such a substantial organisation has not been able to sustain this very necessary public service in a commercially vibrant environment.

"The Town Council has no funds or resources to intervene but will assist in any way possible to have a Post Office establishment return to central Ringwood."

Customers can access Post Office services at the following branches:

• Parsonage Barn Lane Post Office, 43-45 Parsonage Barn Lane

• Poulner Post Office, 1 Butlers Lane

• St Ives Post Office, Ringwood Road

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