THE person responsible for Banksy-style graffiti in the heart of Salisbury has been revealed, sort of.

At the end of July residents spotted a bird and fish illustration along the bridge on the Town Path, pictured above.

Since then, a photograph of the street art outside the Old Mill Hotel has been spotted on the official website of a Mrs Banksy, as well as on their Instagram page.

Confirming the graffiti was theirs, the anonymous artist told the Journal: "We just stopped for a bite to eat and had a little swim. May of had a rattle can on us and noticed that wall could have done with some colour...

"It was just a flying visit really."

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Talking about their time in the city, the mystery artist added: "The food was great and the people were welcoming which was super awesome. May see you again!"

A similar crane painting in Lyme Regis was confirmed a Banksy piece back in 2012.

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