THE artist behind graffiti in Salisbury City Centre has opened up to the Journal about their latest creation.

A smiling girl holding a camera, a monochrome spraypaint design, is currently on the wall of Framemakers in Butcher Row. 

First spotted by residents on August 20, it has been signed by artist Hendog, and is titled ‘Smile’.

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Talking to the Journal, the anonymous artist said the work is based on “joyful nostalgia”, and was designed “to make people smile”.

“I spent the whole day in Salisbury finding a space that not only fit the image but also fit the criteria for my usual wall selection,” they said.

The girl with the camera is part of a wall series created by Hendog.

Louise Thatcher, owner of Framemakers, described the street art as “amazing”, adding the business has no intention of removing the work on its walls. 

She added that the shop had got in touch with the artist to give them a glowing review.

This follows a mystery Mrs Banksy being revealed as the artist behind a Banksy-inspired bird and fish design along the Town Path. 

Welcoming these new additions to the city, local artist Tim Scrace said it is “exciting to see people wanting to express themselves”.

He said: "I like the work and how it leaves a lot to interpretation.

"I enjoyed the benefit of seeing first hand the benefit art can have of the community. 

"There is a desire to make sense of things and perhaps graffiti and public art offer a way of dealing with this collectively."

Tim added: "Salisbury is a creative city and with better funding of grassroots art projects and competitions has even greater potential. Give artists the opportunity and there will be even more reason for people to come here."

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