Driving home along Salisbury's busy ring road my clutch broke down and left me without real driving control. 

I managed to stop at the centre island at the junction of Endless street.

At 82 I got out of my car in a panic not knowing what to do for the best when along came two, that can only be called angels who parked by my side.

One large man came out of his door and forward to help!

Well, they got me around the corner of the junction and away from the traffic. 

With luck, I had my insurance certificate and it could be called for the help of the RAC.

My helpers rang and arranged for help. Alas, they were busy I would have to wait for up to three hours!

The man of the couple arranged and got me a paper to read for my long wait!

We talked to get to know each other. They lived in Ludgershall.

It is here in the Journal that I would like to thank Mr and Mrs Stock for their kind and generous nature!

It is nice to know Salisbury has so many caring and kind people. God bless them!

One big thank you XX

John Wigglesworth