SALISBURY is filled with charities and organisations with a focus on helping those in need.

Now is the time to throw your support behind one of these groups, by nominating one in our latest 'Cash for Charities' campaign. 

Nominate a charity close to your heart for a slice of the £20,000 cash we’re making available to support these Salisbury-based causes.

Our parent company’s charitable arm, The Gannett Foundation, is providing £125k in cash to support local charities across the country and we are delighted to have a £20k share to give away in our area.

Simply complete the form below to take part.

If you don't want to nominate online you can write to us, confirming the name and address of the charity you’d like to nominate and why to: Readers’ Choice Cash For Charity Nominations, Fleet House, Hampshire Road, Weymouth, DT4 9XD.

Once all nominations have been received, our editor will select eight of the most popular local charities to be featured in this year’s grants scheme.

The power to allocate cash will then go back into the hands of our readers. For four weeks, readers will be invited to collect tokens from the Journal which can then be sent to collection points across our region or posted.

Each token collected will then be used to allocate cash to the nominated charity – so if your favourite charity collects 50 per cent of all tokens collected, it will receive 50 per cent of the £20,000.

The deadline for nominations is October 3.

For more information email

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