A 19-year-old from Salisbury who is living through cancer has just spent five days sailing the Solent.

Emily Wright was nine when she was diagnosed with an optic pathway glioma - a slow-growing brain tumour that forms around the nerves that carry information from the eye to the brain.

She was among 12 young people from across the UK that spent a week sailing from East Cowes Marina, thanks to the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust.

Salisbury Journal: Emily Wright and crew banner

Emily first sailed with the Trust in 2016 aged 13.

"It was lovely to be back on the water," she said.

"Lockdown was tough as I like keeping busy. Since chemo I’ve had fatigue issues but the way I get over that is to keep myself busy.

"During lockdown it was hard because I couldn’t do all the things I enjoy doing but now that it’s over I feel more grateful for the things I can do like being back here."

Salisbury Journal: Emily Wright back on board with friends at Trust

Through the Trust’s sailing and outdoor activities, young people meet others who have had similar experiences.

Emily added: “It’s the visual side of things that affect me the most as I’m registered blind which has impacted my life, but I deal with it by throwing myself into a whole load of activities to prove to everyone that I can still do stuff despite everything.

“I do things in slightly different ways as keeping watch of the boat is something I’m never going to be great at, but I can help with plenty of other things and help in adapted ways.

“Being here you’re surrounded by a whole load of people who have been through the same as you there’s no questions of ‘why are you hobbling a bit?’ or ‘why are you walking with a cane?’ everyone just gets on and tries and does everything just in their own way.”

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