THE leader of Wiltshire Council has said that "absolutely no decisions" have been made about Brown Street car park.

It comes after Salisbury City Council launched a consultation on housing development sites for its Neighbourhood Development Plan last week.

It includes the possible redevelopment of Quidhampton Quarry off Wilton Road, which could see up to 400 houses built, turning Brown Street car park into housing, and building affordable housing on Coldharbour Lane.

Cllr Richard Clewer says that, while Brown Street was considered in the Central Area Framework as a potential development site, "absolutely no decisions have been made by Wiltshire Council to change its use as a car park".

He added that he is "personally concerned about the effect of moving parking which is easily accessible from the south side of the city, which would place a greater strain on the ringroad and increased journey times and carbon emissions".

Salisbury Journal: Brown Street Car Park. Picture by Spencer MulhollandBrown Street Car Park. Picture by Spencer Mulholland

Cllr Mark McClelland, Wiltshire councillor for Salisbury St Francis and Stratford and cabinet member for transport, has also expressed concerns, saying he "strongly opposes" the quarry proposal on the grounds it has already been rejected by Wiltshire Council officers.

Salisbury Journal: Leader of Wiltshire Council Richard ClewerLeader of Wiltshire Council Richard Clewer

Cllr Clewer added: "We need a detailed parking strategy to understand longer term parking needs of the City before any decision like that [Brown Street] could be considered.

"The concern of residents around People Friendly Streets last year demonstrated how important it is to put plans together that have been widely considered and have broad public support when it comes to changes to Salisbury City Centre."

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