With many Brits’ opting for staycations, this summer has seen many rediscover the UK’s own natural wonders. 

From serene beaches to quaint villages, the UK is filled with stunning beauty spots, and one of the most popular ones is right on our doorstep. 

The top ten most popular UK beauty spots this year have been curated by waterproof accessories brand, Sealskinz who analysed Instagram location data. 

Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England – 817,828 hashtags 

Salisbury Journal:

As such a famous landmark, it comes as no surprise that Stonehenge comes in at the number one spot, with 817,828 location hashtags on Instagram. 

The mystery surrounding this prehistoric monument has made millions of tourists travel from all over the world to see Stonehenge every year.

The ring of stone structure dates back to c. 3000 BC, with historians still not completely sure of how they appeared, or what they were used for.  

This famous landmark is also part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and is an absolute must-see.

St Ives, Cornwall, England – 795,530 hashtags 

Salisbury Journal:

With its crystal-clear waters and serene coastline, St. Ives in Cornwall is one of the most picture-perfect locations in the UK. 

Hashtagged 795,530 times, St. Ives was also recently voted the “best holiday destination” by Coast Magazine and was featured in TripAdvisor's 'Top 10 European Beaches'.

Loch Ness, Scottish Highlands – 430,341 hashtags  

Salisbury Journal:

Arguably one of the most popular lakes in the world, thanks to the legendary local monster, Loch Ness comes out as the third most popular beauty spot on the UK. 

Despite regular disputes around its origins (dating back to 1933) the Loch continues to be one of the most popular destinations, racking up a total of 430,341 hashtags on the platform.

As well as the the notorious Lock Ness Monster, that may-or-may-not exist, it has stunning ariel views and a rugged coastline.

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland – 310,481 hashtags  

Salisbury Journal:

Another legend-filled location is the Giant’s Causeway located in Northern Ireland.

This area is particularly popular due to its unique structure, consisting of 40,000 interlocking basalt columns which were the result of a volcanic eruption. 

With the waves of the Atlantic Ocean splashing onto these unique structures, it’s a compelling destination in any weather.

Durdle Door, Dorset, England – 290,777 hashtags  

Salisbury Journal:

The huge natural limestone arch, famously known as the Durdle Door, had a total of 290,777 hashtags on Instagram.

The highly popular landmark in Dorset has a grandeur about it that makes it a popular photo spot. 

It also has a beach nearby, making it a staycation favourite with British Holidaymakers. 

Padstow, Cornwall, England – 264,791 hashtags 

Salisbury Journal:

The quirky town of Padstow, and its beautifully colourful harbour, comes out in sixth place with 264,791 hashtags.

This particular beauty spot is home to a charming harbour surrounded by pastel-coloured cottages, traditional pubs and pristine beaches.  

There are arguably several angles to capture the perfect beauty spots of Padstow, all of which are deemed hugely Instagrammable according to the data. 

Southwold, Suffolk, England – 206,116 hashtags  

Salisbury Journal:

Southwold’s beach-hut seafront takes the 7th spot, amassing a total of 206,116 hashtags.

This lesser-known location is perfectly idyllic for a trip come rain or shine, with the rocky landscape and sandy shores providing the perfect picture.

Away from the shore itself, there is the famous Adnams Brewery which offers tours and tasting. 

White Cliffs of Dover, Sussex, England – 186,983 hashtags  

Salisbury Journal:

The White Cliffs of Dover are an iconic British sight that are also a hugely popular attraction, scoring 186,983 hashtags on Instagram.

The cliffs are made of chalk, and they stretch for eight miles along the coast of Kent, facing France.

These iconic cliffs have become such an important natural landmark that a section has been purchased by The National Trust. 

The Roman Baths, Somerset, England – 162,350 hashtags  

Salisbury Journal:

The amber-coloured Georgian architecture surrounding the historic Roman Baths has been attracting national and international tourists for years.

It scored 162,350 hashtags on instagram.

Steeped in history, this unique beauty spot offers a full audio guided tour to learn more about its history and you can also bathe in the thermal hot springs.  

Calton Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland – 158,348 hashtags  

Salisbury Journal:

Calton Hill gives a panoramic view of the major landmarks of the Scottish capital, and it’s collected a total of 158,348 hashtags on the Instagram platform.

This famous hill is known for its birds-eye view of the city, with the structure itself inspired by the Athens Parthenon, a must-see for any travel enthusiasts.  

Sealskinz Director James Moody said:  “There are so many fantastic locations and landmarks right across the UK which offer not only beautiful views, but a fantastic day out.  

“That said, we’ve already had more than our fair share of bad weather throughout the summer so far, so when planning any kind of trip, being prepared for all eventualities is a good idea.

"Whilst we fully encourage getting your favourite shorts out for potential sunshine, we’re big advocates for packing essentials.

"Get your waterproof socks, just in case, so that no surprising weather can catch you off guard!” 

Have you visited any of these locations? Let us know what your stories are in the comments. 

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