A CITY councillor has said he "strongly opposes" any potential housing being developed on the site of Brown Street car park.

It comes after Salisbury City Council launched a consultation on housing development sites for its Neighbourhood Development Plan last week.

It includes the possible redevelopment of Quidhampton Quarry off Wilton Road, which could see up to 400 houses built, turning Brown Street car park into housing, and building affordable housing on Coldharbour Lane.

Atiqul Hoque, ward cllr for Salisbury St Edmund's, has expressed concerns about the Brown Street proposals, saying it is "imperative that Salisbury's businesses are sufficiently supported", following on from the nerve agent attack in 2018, and the effects of the pandemic.

Salisbury Journal: Atiqul Hoque. Salisbury City Councillor for St. Edmund'sAtiqul Hoque. Salisbury City Councillor for St. Edmund's

Cllr Hoque added: "Loss of parking space in this crucial, well-used car park in heart of town is madness.

"This proposal certainly doesn’t help Salisbury's recovery. What’s more, I would like to see Brown Street Car Park enhanced with more electric charging points, something I’m hoping will be fixed."

Cllr Hoque called for the electric charging point in the car park to be fixed back in May.

Cllr Hoque added: "We very much needed for this charging point to be fixed. It will align us with other cities and encourage people with electric vehicle to visit our city from out of town.

"I would urge everyone to take part in the Neighbourhood Development Plan consultation which is live now, and meet councillors event in the Guildhall Square on Saturday October 2."

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