A BOOK has been returned to Salisbury Library 18 years after its expected return date - all the way from Canada.

The library revealed it had received the unusual book delivery in the post only last week.

Signed off by an 'M.M', the book ‘Bullies Don’t hurt’ was returned to the service that was originally borrowed back in 2002/3.

In a note attached to the item it said: "I deeply apologise for having stolen this book. M.M."

Responding to the package, Salisbury Library said: "We received a rather special delivery this morning [September 14], all the way from Canada... A book originally due back in January 2003 and accompanied by a very apologetic note.

"M.M., if you're reading this, you are absolutely forgiven - thank you for going to such great lengths to return your book!"

Councillor Ian Blair-Pilling, cabinet member for libraries, said: “The Wiltshire Library service expanded its online provision and use of social media during the Covid-19 lockdowns and it appears that our reach has now extended as far as Canada.

“After seeing one of our Facebook posts, a book was returned to Salisbury Library from Quebec in Canada.

"The book ‘Bullies Don’t hurt’ by Anthony Masters was borrowed in 2003 and returned 18 years later with an apologetic note."

"Delighted" with the returned item, Cllr Blair-Pilling added that libraries have been purchasing newly published books throughout the pandemic.

He said: “We always welcome books back from anyone that still has books they borrowed before the lockdown. All borrowed books were automatically renewed while libraries were closed so no fines have been incurred during that time.

“We have continued to purchase newly published books during the lockdowns so we still have lots of new books for people to borrow and we have never had a better selection of yet to be borrowed books on offer.

“Over 500 people joined Salisbury Library online during the lockdown periods and the membership cards are now available for collection.”

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