Here is your latest data round-up on vaccinations in Wiltshire, with the option to check the vaccine uptake in your local area specifically. 

As per government data from this week, in Wiltshire, 88.8% of residents have received their first vaccine with 82.5% receiving their second dose. 

Last week we learnt that more than 136,000 of those vaccine doses have been administered at Salisbury City Hall alone. 

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The borough of Swindon has a lower uptake compared to the county of Wiltshire with 84% receiving their first dose and 78.5% receiving their second.

The government has split Wiltshire up into areas they call MSOAs (Middle Super Output Areas) which are small areas that have an average population of 7,200.

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The five MSOAs in Wiltshire with the lowest uptake for first doses are: Trowbridge South (84.5%); Salisbury Town North and Milford (83.7%); Tidworth and Ludgershall (83.6%); Trowbridge Southeast (83.3%); and Trowbridge North (79%).

The top five areas for first dose uptake are: Sherston and Hullavington (92.9%); Whaddon, Whiteparish and Winterslow (92.4%); Great Wishford, Woodford Valley and Porton (92.3); Downton and Morgan’s vale (92.2%); and Somerford, Dauntsey and Minety (92.1%). 

For second doses, the top MSOA is Whaddon, Whiteparish and Winterslow (88.3%) and the worst area is Tidworth and Ludgershall (68.9%).

A higher percentage of Wiltshire’s population have received their first and second dose than in Bath and Northeast Somerset, where 83% of people have received their first and 77% have received their second. 

Wiltshire is roughly on par with Hampshire, where 88.2% of people have received their first and 82.7% have received their second, Dorset with 89.2% and 84.4%, and Somerset with 86.8% and 81.5% respectively. 

If you want to find out what percentage of first and second doses have been administered in your area specifically use this graph below. 

As of September 22, over 40.7 million first doses and 37.3 million second doses of covid-19 vaccines have been given out to over 16-year-olds in England in total. 

Here is graph comparing of Wiltshire's MSOA's for first and second doses using data from September 21. 

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More data can be found on the government interactive map of vaccinations here.  

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