Indeed job listing’s site has over 100 openings for Heavy Goods Vehicle drivers in South Wiltshire, in the wake of a lorry driver shortage that is disrupting supply chains across the UK. 

The wages for these roles, all within 20 miles from Salisbury cathedral, range from minimum hourly wage to yearly salaries of over £30k, with roles available in companies such as Nectar Imports, Drain Services, Saint-Gobain, and Spire Removals. 

Many of the listings have been up for over 30 days. 

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A Salisbury family haulage business, J.C. DEAN Limited, have just filled an HGV driver position they’d advertised for over a month, although they are waiting for their new driver to finish his notice period. 

J.C. DEAN Transport Manager and Company Secretary, Trevor Lee, who’s worked for the company for 35 years, said: “I’ve seen a lot happen over the years, but I think this is the one of the most serious driver situations that the industry has seen nationwide. 

“There have been times in the past where it has been difficult to get drivers because there’s been a lot of competition out there, and one haulier that does the same work as us might put the wages up drastically and all of a sudden we’ve got to catch up. 

“It’s difficult for us to find something that is going to give a driver a lot more than Tesco or Home Bargains, but we just keep the advert on there and hopefully we’ve had a bit of success. 

“It’s also a case of trying to retain the good ones that have been here a good many years.”

Salisbury Journal: Trevor Lee from J.C. Dean Trevor Lee from J.C. Dean

On a positive note, the Tisbury-based father-of-three added: “My thoughts are there’s always good that comes out of bad. 

“It could be good for the industry overall. I’m not quite sure the government are doing all they can to help but I think it’s a case of trying to nurture people from this country to drive lorries and make it attractive to do so. 

“Give drivers more facilities when they’re out on the road and not treat them like tramps, which is basically what they get treated like in lots of cases. 

“Lorry drivers have never been valued by anybody but all of a sudden they are, because they’re needed desperately and there aren’t enough out there. 

“This should have been addressed a long time ago, not today or yesterday but ten years ago probably.

“It’s too late, the horse has bolted.”

The local business which was founded by John Dean in 1969 has been impacted by the increased petrol costs, increased tyre prices over the pandemic, and have struggled to compete with supermarket chains who can afford to offer more money to HGV drivers. 

Trevor continued: “We just got on independently, and do the best we can for our business, and onwards and upwards hopefully.” 

The current petrol shortages are being caused by a lack of HGV drivers who usually deliver the fuel stocks to garages, leading to concerns over food shortages and Christmas being cancelled.

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