Despite colder temperatures and darker nights, Britain could be set for one last blast of warm weather this week.

Despite recent storms and heavy rain across much of the country, warm sunshine is set to return.

Temperatures could soar to 21C in some parts of the country today (Thursday 7 October) with most enjoying warm sunshine and blue skies throughout the week.

Although rain and strong winds will continue in the northwest, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

When will the warm weather hit?

"The warmer weather will kick in from mid-week onwards, and we could see 21C in parts of the country by Thursday,” Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, said.

“High pressure building from the Continent will bring a change from the wetter, windier weather to drier, sunnier conditions,” he added.

Mr Dale notes Hurricane Sam has much to do with the warm conditions we will see this week.

"The remains of Hurricane Sam will veer towards Iceland as it moves across the Atlantic, this will mean it will miss the UK but pull warm air in from the south” and “as we are now in October, we can call this an Indian Summer,” he said.

"This could last through the week or possibly longer into the mid-month when we expect to see a return to something more usual for the time of year."

What is this week’s forecast?

Tomorrow (Thursday 7 October) will see bright and sunny spells developing across south and east Britain, with temperatures reaching 21C in some places.

There will be heavy rain across Northern Ireland and Scotland, with a yellow weather warning in place for western Scotland as 70mm of rain is expected to fall.

The rain will continue through the evening in Scotland with mild and dry conditions to the southeast.

Over the weekend, the rain will ease in Northern Ireland and Scotland with most enjoying largely dry conditions and temperatures reaching above average for this time of year.

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