PLANNING applications validated in the week ending October 3.

Broad Chalke

PL/2021/09003 - Meadowsweet, South Street, Broad Chalke, SP5 5DN.

Alterations and Additions to existing house.

Collingbourne Ducis

PL/2021/09216 - Bourne Works High Street, Collingbourne Ducis, SN8 3EQ.

T1 - Silver Birch - Fell to ground level.. G2 - Mixed species group consisting of mainly Ash trees on top of bank - Fell to ground level all trees. Retain mature Sycamore, small Cypress and other small Hawthorns. Fell all Ash and two tall Cypress on right of group when looking from Bourne Works side.

G3 - Silver Birches and Cypress hedge - Fell to ground level Cypress hedge. Crown reduce and reshape row of three Silver Birches by 3m.. G4 - Cypress hedge - Fell to ground level.

Coombe Bissett

PL/2021/08992 - Water Lane Cottage, Homington Road, Coombe Bissett, SP5 4LR.

Proposed Works to Trees in a Conservation Area. T1 - Mature Weeping Willow - reduce height by 4m, back to suitable growth points and reduce lateral growth to balance. Retain weeping shape.


  • PL/2021/07961 - 5 Mill Race View, The Borough, Downton, SP5 3LU. Addition of a first floor bathroom window on side elevation.
  • PL/2021/09027 - 3 Marie Avenue, Downton, SP5 3NT. Single storey side extension and associated works.


  • PL/2021/07679 - 158 Bulford Road, Durrington, SP4 8HA.

Relocate main entrance of property to the front, onto driveway.

  • PL/2021/09406 - 25 High Street, Durrington, SP4 8AE.

T1 Magnolia - Reduce crown by 25 per cent. T2 Acer - Pollard to 3m. T3 Acer reduce crown by 20 per cent. T4 Apple crown thinning by 10 per cent.


PL/2021/09178 - Cliffend, Church Lane, Figheldean, SP4 8J.

Variation of condition two of application 19/11256/FUL to change location and design of the garage.

Great Wishford

PL/2021/09159 - Hillview House, South Street, Great Wishford, SP2 0NN.

Addition of photovoltaic panels to previously consented outbuilding annex conversion.


PL/2021/08977 - 39 Greenfields, West Grimstead, SP5 3SH.

Single storey side extension.

Laverstock & Ford

  • PL/2021/09193 - 14 Walter Way, Old Sarum, SP4 6FL.

Single storey rear and side extensions.

  • PL/2021/08547 - 4 Riverside Close, Laverstock, Salisbury, SP1 1QW.

Erection of a first floor extension above existing garage. An additional ground floor door will be inserted in the north facing elevation to gain access from outside to the utility room. The flat roof on the existing front extension will be replaced and incorporate a roof lantern.


PL/2021/08973 - The Rookery, Orcheston, SP3 4RP.

Renovation of an old 1930’s farm building into a residential unit.


  • PL/2021/06334 - 10 The Hardings, Salisbury, SP2 9LZ.

Proposed hard standing for shed to store a manual wheelchair whilst not in use and other disability equipment not used on a daily basis.

  • PL/2021/08678 - 48 Churchfields Road, SP2 7PW.

Display of four internally illuminated fascia signs and display of one internally illuminated pylon sign.

  • PL/2021/08965 - Arundells, 59 West Walk, The Close, SP1 2EN.

Partial removal of wall within former stable building to allow the use of room previously housing an electricity sub-station as part of adjoining exhibition space.

  • PL/2021/09015 - 12 Westminster Road, SP2 7DG.

Two storey rear extension.

  • PL/2021/09095 - 28 Assisi Road, SP1 3QZ.

One storey outbuilding to the rear of house (retrospective).

  • PL/2021/09100 - Hendy Group, Brunel Road, SP2 7PL.

Change of use of the site from Class E(g)/B8 (Old B1/B8) to B2 General Industrial for vehicle servicing and repair including MOT and the installation of new freestanding repair qube.


PL/2021/09212 - Alwen, The Hollow, Shrewton, SP3 4JY.

Creation of a first-floor by way of a new roof structure as well as side and rear extensions.

Sutton Mandeville

PL/2021/08291 - North Off Chicksgrove Road To Manor Farm, Sutton Mandeville, SP3 6NA.

The erection of a car port and extension of the existing driveway at The Old Farmhouse.


PL/2021/08968 - Skylark House, High Street, Tilshead, SP3 4RZ.

Proposed single storey extension, external horizontal cladding, garage conversion and proposed car barn


PL/2021/09301 - Cromwell House, Court Street, Tisbury, SP3 6LN.

Conversion of first floor of garage into habitable accommodation to include bedroom and WC (resubmission of 17/06871/FUL).

West Tisbury

PL/2021/08959 - Bratch Cottage, West Hatch, Tisbury, SP3 6PE.

Two storey extension to family home.


PL/2021/08946 - 20 Green Close, Whiteparish, SP5 2SB.

Single storey rear extension.


PL/2021/08689 - Wilton Park Estate, Wilton, SP2 9BE.

Erection of boathouse and raised walkway.

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