POLICE have warned of a scammer impersonating a nurse and offering Covid tests for cash.

Today they received a report of a woman dressed in hospital scrubs knocking on doors and offering Covid-19 PCR tests for £60 on behalf of a local surgery.

A spokesman for the police said: “We have checked with the surgery concerned who said that on no account would they send anyone out to a home address to do this and this is clearly a scam.

“If you do get a visit from someone offering these tests, please do not accept it, close the door and call 101 giving a description of the person and details of any vehicle if possible.

“If you have any Covid related concerns please contact 111 for advice.”

It was the St James Surgery in Devizes which this morning sent an automated text to patients warning them of the incident.

It said: "This is NOT one of our nurses and we will NEVER visit homes offering this services."

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