Once again, it has been reported in the Journal (8 October) of a crash on the A338, this time involving a car and a horse box.

Fortunately on this occasion, there were no reported injuries, however, there have been a number of serious accidents along this road over many years which is a cause for much concern.

I know personally the problems with this road, which is little more than country lanes in most parts, yet services a high volume of traffic, including HGVs heading up to the M4 and beyond.

I know that for many residents in the Bourne Valley that the A338 represents something of a black spot, with fast moving traffic and instances of reckless driving, and I fear that without appropriate and effective action, accidents will continue to happen.

I hope that Wiltshire Council and the PCC will look to prioritise safety on the A338, to work to ensure unnecessary accidents can be avoided.

Cllr Rich Rogers

Winterslow & Upper Bourne Valley

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