A SALISBURY physio is taking on 52 weeks of sport in a bid to get children more active and raise more than £5,000.

Inspired by his job at Salisbury District Hospital, Patrick Traylor, known as Paddy, will be embarking on one sport challenge a week from January to raise money for Youth Sport Trust.

From Park Runs to marathons and triathlons, the 33-year-old is aiming to raise £5,200 during the challenge, to coincide with the number of events he hopes to complete.

He also wants his fundraiser to raise awareness around the health and exercising of children, especially following the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns.

"Youth Sport Trust is a great charity for trying to raise children involvement in sport, mostly in schools, putting more education into schools and doing more research into barriers in sport and breaking those down," he said.

"I really see the benefits and the negative effects of not being involved in sport, I felt I wanted to try and help more kids than just the ones sitting in front of me every day.

"Over this year and last there's been far less opportunities, so now there's a real big drive to get kids more active and challenge themselves with different things to keep active."

Talking about starting points for the 'Project 52' challenge, Paddy said: "I had this idea for a small while but I didn't know when to start or what I actually wanted to do."

In the lead up to the first event, Paddy confessed he was "worried but excited", adding: "I always like to challenge myself, I wanted to do something that scares me.

"I have done charity fundraisers before and they have got harder, but this is a huge step up.

"I want to keep it as local as possible to support local and smaller causes, but I'm including bigger ones to make it a special event.

"I would love people to join me at any of the events so please keep an eye on my Instagram page for the release of events."

Paddy added: "With 52 events we should be able to raise a solid amount, I just hope I pull if off so we can get as much as we can."

For more information or to donate visit Paddy's online fundraiser.

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