Celebrate Voice opens in Salisbury today (Thursday October 21) with a feast of world class artists for its 8th year.

The festival runs until October 30 and events are being held in the Guildhall.

Many of its shows sold out ahead of its 2021 launch.

Presenting acts normally seen on the London jazz circuit, at Edinburgh Festival, or in the national opera houses, Celebrate Voice presents a packed half-term festival with nightly shows and community daytime events.

Salisbury Journal:

La Traviata 

The final performance of Verdi’s most iconic work, La Traviata, has sold out but there are limited tickets available for October 22 and 24.

Presenting a cast of singers who have collectively sung at every major opera house and festival in the UK, this up-close experience in the banqueting hall provides a unique experience of the opera.

Salisbury Journal:

Led by Linda Richardson as Violetta, the singer most recently performed the role for Welsh National Opera.

Salisbury Journal:

Jess Robinson 

Edinburgh Festival doyenne, and Spitting Image star Jess Robinson, brings a show of unparalleled vocal theatrics, comedy and brilliance on Sunday (October 24).

Salisbury Journal:

The Puppini Sisters & Joe Stilgoe 

Limited tickets remain for The Puppini Sisters, and jazz showman Joe Stilgoe for a new collaboration for closing night.

Salisbury Journal:

Trial by Jury

The festival’s singalong Trial By Jury has balcony tickets available for October 30 in the historic Oak Court Room.

I Lived for Art

The world premiere of Philip Blake-Jones’s new play, I Lived for Art, will be premiered on October 28.

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Salisbury Journal:

How to find out more 

Visit: celebratevoice.co.uk


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