Salisbury District Hospital is extremely busy as a result of the recent spike in Covid cases which is adding to the pressure on the NHS. 

In Wiltshire and across the UK the number of Covid cases have skyrocketed, prompting Boris Johnson to announce a ‘Plan B’ with more winter restrictions.

There are currently 17 Covid positive patents at Salisbury District Hospital with two patients in intensive therapy units as of 8.15 this morning, according to a hospital spokesperson. 

The hospital itself is 'extremely busy', but this is due to multiple factors putting strain on the NHS as a whole. 

Today Great Western Hospital shared they are treating 73 Covid Patients, with 9 patients in ICU.  

Yesterday, they had 66 Covid patients compared to 45 a week ago, with seven in ICU. 

The hospital put out a Facebook post yesterday warning that they’d had ‘a significant spike’ in Covid patients, their ICU was incredible busy, and they were working to extend bed capacity. 

Today GWH Chief Executive Kevin McNamara said: "It is important we all remember that Covid has not gone away and we are experiencing a surge in Covid activity that surpasses the Autumn lockdown in November last year."


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