Salisbury District Hospital's boss has revealed the 'extraordinary pressure' the hospital is under, appealing for public caution in the face of the recent Covid spike. 

Salisbury Foundation Trust's Chief Operating Officer Andy Hyett has shed light on the situation across the hospital as Covid cases across Wiltshire skyrocket, the full interview below.

How is Salisbury District Hospital coping and should the public be concerned?

"Salisbury District Hospital is currently under extraordinary pressure with a very high number of patients being cared for on site. 

"The hospital has a range of escalation plans that enable us to manage these situations.

"As always our staff are committed to providing the best care with compassion and understanding.

"At what is a challenging time we would ask everyone to try and be patient and kind to each other and to help support the discharge of family and friends whenever possible."

How is the rise in Covid cases impacting hospital services?

"We are seeing a steady rise in the number of COVID-19 positive patients. 

"This rise adds to the pressure as we have to manage COVID positive patients in a manner that protects other patients, staff and visitors from infection. 

"However, pressures are being felt across the hospital not just in respiratory care."

How does the situation now compare to at the beginning of the pandemic? 

"At the beginning of the pandemic last year we were rapidly learning about COVID-19 and how to care for patients who had been infected while also learning how to safely manage the hospital. 

"We are now applying those learnings where necessary."

The Government have talked of potential further winter restrictions, what are your thoughts?  

"We would ask the public to remain cautious and to take appropriate precautions to avoid transmission such as mask wearing in crowded places and good hand hygiene. 

"In addition, people should take up the invitation for a COVID vaccine when offered.  It is never too late to get a first vaccine."

Is there a message you'd like to send to the public about this matter?

"The public should have confidence that the hospital is open and working to manage the pressure and deliver care to those that need it most.

"Everyone can play a part in helping the NHS manage the current pressure by accessing healthcare through the appropriate route such as using 111, talking to a pharmacist, using a walk-in service or contacting their GP; and in a life-threatening situation or when there is a major injury calling 999 or visiting A&E. 

"And please do not delay access the NHS if you are worried about a persistent symptom."

As of 8.15 this morning the hospital is reporting 17 Covid cases, with two patients in the Intensive Therapy Unit which is unchanged from yesterday's report on local hospital admissions.


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