The most popular baby names in Wiltshire for the last year have been published, is your name on there?

Netflix, Hollywood, and royalty have been some key inspirations for baby names in the latest round up from the Office of National Statistics, for 2020.

Key insights from baby names in Wiltshire compared to the UK

Both the top boy's name and the top girl's name in Wiltshire begin with A, with Arthur and Amelia taking the top spot in the county.

There were 56 boys named Arthur, and 34 girls named Amelia. 

The top girl's name in the UK, Olivia, was the second most popular in Wiltshire with 33 new-borns, and the top UK boy's name, Oliver, came forth in our county with 44 new-borns. 

A national inspiration for names has been the royal family, the youngest members in particular although in Wiltshire this has been more marked in boy’s names than girls.

The royal names George, Harry and Archie all made it into the top ten, the latter being the name of Prince Harry and Megan Markle's son who is the youngest of the Queen's grandchildren.

For girls, Isla was the third most popular name, which may have been inspired by the royal Isla Phillips, Princess Anne's grandaughter.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the Netflix show ‘Sex education’ has inspired a wave of babies being named ‘Maeve’ and ’Otis’ after two of the main characters.

Maeve garnered five new recruits in Wiltshire, and Otis garnered seven, although it will be interesting to see if there is another surge next year after the recent release of Season Three in September. 

The name Margot has also been rapidly climbing since the actress Margot Robbie appeared in the popular film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ in 2013 according to Siân Bradford from ONS. 

Sure enough, in Wiltshire 12 new Margot’s have been born. 

Top baby girl names in Wiltshire 2020

1) Amelia (34)

2) Olivia (33)

3+4) Isla (29)

3+4) Poppy (29)

5) Ava (27)

6+7) Lily (24)

6+7) Rosie (24)

8) Evelyn (23)

9) Freya (22)

10) Grace (21)

Top baby boy names in Wiltshire 2020

1) Arthur (56)

2) Henry (48)

3) George (45)

4) Oliver (44)

5) Finley (37)

6) Theodore (36)

7) Harry (34)

8) Oscar (33)

9) Archie (30

10) Jack (28)

A historical comparison of UK baby names since 1996 

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