Plans for six new homes in Fordingbridge sparked concerns over overdevelopment and parking.

The application to build three pairs of semi-detached properties with parking and to demolish an existing property at 2 Park Road have been submitted by Northshore Companies Ltd.

It was discussed by Fordingbridge Town Council's planning committee on Wednesday October 13.

Cllr Diane Paton, who chairs the committee, told the meeting that an existing bungalow on the site would be demolished to make way for the new homes and that it was "quite a big site".

She said: "This is going to mean three extra drop kerbs on the frontage on park road and one on Salisbury Road."

But added that although it was a "quite big site" it was on a "very busy corner" of Park Road.

All the homes would have three bedrooms.

Speaking about any possible impact on neighbouring properties she said the homes were set further back but there had been concerns lodged by one resident about overlooking of their property and garden.

She also stated neighbours had lodged concerns about overdevelopment, parking and access onto Salisbury Road.

Concern were raised during the meeting about manoeuvring cars as the two parking spaces for each property were in tandem so one car would have to move before the other could, which Cllr Paton added was "not ideal" on a busy corner.

Cllr Nobby Goldsmith felt it would be better with four properties set further back from the road and to get rid of the tandem parking, which Cllr Malcolm Adams said wasn't really satisfactory.

The committee recommended refusal on the grounds of overdevelopment and suggested the houses would be better set back further from the road.

The town council also included its concerns over car parking spaces being behind the front spaces due to difficulties and dangers of manoeuvring cars on the road adjacent to a busy junction in its response.

A design and access statement submitted as part of the application states: "The proposal presents a sustainable form of development, contributing to the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of Fordingbridge."

It says the proposed dwellings would "make more efficient use of urban land, provide "modern, fit-for-purpose family accommodation" and that the design has been "carefully conceived to avoid harm to neighbour amenity and ensure that a comfortable relationship subsists".

The district will make the final determination whether planning permission is granted.

To view the planning application go to New Forest District Council's website (Application reference 21/11194).


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