The grand finale of a Salisbury pub's month-long Oktoberfest will be this weekend, and they've got some new beers for you to try. 

General Manager of The Ox Row Inn in Salisbury, Emil Szoma, set up a special Oktoberfest for his customers serving an impressive 30 new beers this month in support of independent breweries. 

The idea came about after Emil finished paternity leave in September, and noticed the beer scene was a bit 'downbeat' after Oktoberfest events in London were canceled. 

Salisbury Journal: Blue skies and blue seating at The Ox Row Inn in Salisbury.Blue skies and blue seating at The Ox Row Inn in Salisbury.

The father-of-two said: “Every year Oktoberfest happens all over, and usually you have the chance to do big celebrations, like in London, and everyone gets together with beer.

"But I looked around and all the events that are usually on were cancelled and it just seemed a bit down-beat.

"So I thought know what, why don’t we bring that event here.”

After a successful month of serving different beers from different breweries, this weekend is the 'big one' where ten new beers will be available for punters to try.

The range will include the aptly named Meantime Oktoberfest, which delves into the festival's Bavarian roots to create a deep-golden, full-bodied larger balanced by German hops. 

The Ox Row Inn's festival is "Just about having fun", said Emil, but he hopes that it will also "support breweries all over the country" by giving them recognition and financial help after a hard year. 

Find out more at The Ox Row Inn's facebook, including more information about the beers they'll have available.

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