Salisbury residents have been commended for their "exceptional community spirit" after the serious train collision last night (Sunday, October 31).

When news spread that passengers in two trains had been involved in a crash, offers of help started to pour in from residents on social media.

A casualty centre was set up in St Mark's Church, Mark’s Avenue, for victims of the crash.

Neighbours and residents stepped up to provide blankets, food, water, and supplies to those at the scene and in the church.

The crash involved two passenger trains, occuring in Fisherton Tunnel at 6.46pm. It involved around 13 casualties but no one died.

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Albany Road resident Theresa Wood said that she was alerted to the incident after one of her neighbours had driven over the tunnel, seen that something had happened and posted a message about it in their street's Whatsapp group chat.

Theresa then took to Twitter offering her help, and a local lady replied saying that they needed blankets.

She took blankets, bottles of water and asthma inhalers to the scene.

She said: “People were really keen to rally around and support one another.

“There was a little old lady who literally hobbled down the road with a walking stick and a bag of blankets, and a young lad arrived with loads of coats for young boys. It was just so sweet.

“People were turning up with food and bags of sweets, because it was Halloween, just to see if they could offer help. Everybody was tweeting each other and volunteering their help.

“People were opening up their homes. I said I had five bedrooms so there’s plenty of room if people need to stay – it was dark and it was a question of whether people could get home.

“The police were absolutely overwhelmed. They said it was an awful incident but they had been so impacted by the community spirit that they felt really warm and fuzzy and delighted with how everybody was treating each other.

“With a lot of anti-police rhetoric recently, it was lovely for them to see that at the end of the day, when the chips are down, people will help each other. I think the police were absolutely delighted.”

The emergency services have also praised the response of locals.

In his statement on the incident, Wiltshire Police Deputy Chief Constable Paul Mills thanked the community for its support, adding: “It has been heartening to hear how the local community have rallied round in the last 24 hours and the outpouring of support we have seen."

Leader of Wiltshire Council, Richard Clewer said: "We know Salisbury residents will always come together and this incident has proven that once again.

"I’d like to thank the local community for their support and well done to those at St Mark’s for opening their doors and providing a safe space at such short notice."

Mayor Caroline Corbin, has also commended the actions of Salisbury residents.

She said: "The kindness of our Salisbury residents who stepped up to provide blankets and support is truly appreciated and shows we have a strong community spirit."

A local solicitor who specialises in advising injured persons is also offering his support, free of charge, to victims of the crash.

Tom Hartigan, Associate Legal Director at Novum Law, says victims can call his number direct on 07553 060443.


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