Burgate School and Sixth Form in Fordingbridge has welcomed the installation of two electric vehicle (EV) chargers as part of a school-wide effort to fight climate change.

The installation was made possible by a £2,000 grant from New Forest National Park Authority and a £700 government grant.

The school welcomed back ex-Burgate student Alex Bartlett who has his own business Bartlett Electrical, and specialist knowledge in EV connections to install the charging points.

The charging points were installed yesterday (Monday November 1). 

There is further capacity to extend the number of charging stations in the future.

The school has set a zero-carbon target for 2025 and is encouraging staff and students to support this by off-setting carbon through lifestyle changes such as encouraging a move to at least one meat-free meal each week and walking/cycling/car sharing initiatives. 

The school also says it is also making good progress on plans to increase the number of solar panels in the school and move to 100 per cent renewable electricity. 

Headteacher David Pover said “This is another positive step forward in the battle against climate change. The students and staff are determined that we maintain our eco-awareness and achieve the ambitious challenge we have set ourselves. We are constantly looking to ways innovate and improve our green credentials."


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