A LACK in uniqueness and distinguishable character, and no reference to renewable energy, are just some of the reasons why city councillors objected to 234 dwellings being built on land south of Netherhampton Road.

One city councillor has also expressed "the stupidity" of Salisbury planning applications being dealt with around an hour away from the city.

The first phase of controversial development plans for 640 new homes in Harnham faced criticism from members of Salisbury City Council (SCC) during a planning meeting last week.

The planning committee made the following comments: “SCC objects to this application because it is not in-line with Wiltshire Council’s (WC) Core Policy 57.

“This poorly designed development lacks uniqueness and distinguishable character.

"There is also no reference to renewable energy, electric charging points, water catchment and water recycling methods, support for working from home, and transport strategy.”

While Salisbury City Council has no power to approve or reject these plans, comments will be passed on to WC for consideration.

If the application gets approved, SCC has put forward a number of conditions that should be considered for the development going forward, including working from home support through high speed fibre-optic internet, electric charging points, a 20mph driving zone and the use of swift bricks to support this bird population.

An improved transport infrastructure strategy supporting walking and cycling routes and links to the city centre and the train station should also be considered.

Renewable energy, water catchment and water recycling, and trees reinstated in favour of the wildflowers meadow were the final considerations.

Following the council’s unanimous objection to the development, Harnham West Councillor Annie Riddle said: “We’re stuck with this development, we can’t stop it, all we can do is try to make the best of it.

"This shows the stupidity of planning decisions being made in Trowbridge [WC’s base] on behalf of the people of Salisbury.”

A decision is expected on this development after Christmas.

View this planning application, reference PL/2021/08735, on the WC website.

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