SIGNAGE is being considered to tackle “unauthorised” parking on Bickerly Common.

Ringwood Town Council considered a report regarding parking issues on the village green during its full council meeting on October 27. The matter had previously been raised during its September meeting.

A report stated obstructions, in the form of concrete-filled traffic cones, had been placed without the council’s authority. It also said: “Some parking has likely caused obstruction and even damage to the Green by erosion in the past and is likely to do so in future if left unchecked.”

The land is registered as a town/village green and the report said it is alleged the parking is by people not for uses connected to the Green.

Solutions suggested included making by-laws and taking enforcement action or taking civil action but these would come with cost implications for the council. Alternatively, police action could be sought. Other alternatives included clamping, letters and notices, and relocation of existing “dragons teeth”.

Cllr Gloria O’Reilly said more explanation of the village green was needed and that the signs were faded.

“It would be so helpful if we just had a couple of notices up that said no parking and this is why,” she added.

“If people are aware, people are quite responsive to that type of behaviour and realise why they can’t park there. If there are no signs up and you are new to the area and haven’t got a clue naturally you are going to park there.Signage would be a good educator and stop all this malarkey.”

Mayor, Cllr Tony Ring said the current signage could be reviewed and also look at signage with a suitable explanation on it. He said polite notices may address explaining the reasons for the no parking to individuals.

Councillors also discussed moving the dragons teeth on the gravel to narrow the road but there were concern this could impact access for emergency service and refuse vehicles. Cllr Ring said the council could look at the placement of the dragons teeth and if more were needed.

While Cllr Darren Loose said the signage should be the council’s “next step” to see if it works, which was echoed by Cllr Steve Rippon Swaine, who said it was important to get the wording right.

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A strategy for the signage will be put together. The council also agreed any obstructions placed without its authority, including the concrete-filled traffic cones, should be removed, and the need for any additional dragons’ teeth should be assessed.