Tap water in Tidworth is the best tasting in the UK, according to a new study.

Online bathroom retailer Victorian Plumbing analysed combined levels of sodium, copper and iron in each region's water supply.

The company says that the presence of these chemicals result in a metallic taste, which many find unappealing.

Supplied by Veolia Water Projects, the town of Tidworth in Wiltshire was found to have the lowest levels of the metallic substances in the whole of the UK.

Compared to the UK average of 122 mg/L, the region has only 24.5mg/L of the substances, and 100 per cent of its water comes from ground sources.

Wessex Water - which supplies Salisbury - came in at number six, with 89.4mg/L.

Flintshire in North East Wales was in second place, followed by Hampshire, West Sussex and Portsmouth (supplied by Portsmouth Water).

The worst tasting tap water was found in the Isles of Scilly, with 296.2 mg/L of these metallic flavourings. The East Midlands comes in at second to last.

In third to last was Bristol Water, which supplies Gloucestershire, Bristol, Somerset and some of north Wiltshire.

Second softest water

As well as having the best tasting tap water in the UK, Tidworth was also found to have the second softest water in the UK.

The hardness and softness of water is determined by level of magnesium, with high levels of magnesium signifying hard water.

Victorian Plumbing says drinking hard water can be beneficial in providing essential minerals in the diet, but causes mineral stains on household appliances as well as dry hair and dry skin.

Tidworth was also found to have the second softest water in the UK with only 1 µg/l of magnesium, while the UK average is 16.8µg/l.

You can read the full study here.

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