FORDINGBRIDGE Greener Living has “exciting" plans for the future to improve the town.

It is planning to bolster recycling schemes as well as launch a repair cafe, which had been postponed due to the pandemic, and create a community garden.

Projects so far

Projects that have already been launched by the group include the community fridge at Fordingbridge Library, recycling projects including the shed located at the side of St Mary’s Church Hall , crisp packet recycling at The Gourmet Grocer; tree planting and re-wilding schemes; a Ridan composter club.

The composter was purchased through a grant from Hampshire Council Waste Reduction Team to recycle kitchen waste, and Plastic Free Fordingbridge which is a separate branch of Fordingbridge Greener Living which aims to help our community reduce its dependence on single-use plastic.

Future plans

A spokesperson for the group said: “In addition to our current projects at our AGM we introduced a series of exciting new projects that we are planning on launching during the next year. We have plans to increase the amount of local recycling that is on offer to residents as we explore ideas for plastic and textile drop off points.

"Our plans for a repair cafe were put on hold due to the pandemic but we are now moving forward with and we plan to open in 2022. One aim of our repair cafe is to show people how they can make repairs themselves rather than the need to keep replacing items and we hope this will become a monthly event.

"We are also moving forward with our plan to create a community garden and we are being supported in our plans by Milestone Infrastructure and they will be making both a financial and physical contribution to its development.

Tree planting day

It’s tree planting group has been busy planting a tiny forest at the corner of Parsonage Park after being given saplings by The Woodland Trust.

A community tree planting day is planned for Saturday November 27, 11am to 2pm. Anyone wishing to volunteer email

Nature recovery plan

Fordingbridge Greener Living is also going to be working on the implementation of a Parish Nature Recovery Plan for Fordingbridge, written by local ecologist Bill Syratt.

The aim of the plan is to identify where the community can make a difference to nature conversation locally which will help reverse an ongoing decline in biodiversity.

Greener Talks

Fordingbridge Greener Living is also planning to start up a series of talks in 2022. The Greener Talks will be a monthly event.

In addition to all the plans outlined by the group it will be linking up with other groups in the New Forest to work together and share ideas on home energy, energy efficiency, insulation and sustainably generated electricity. This plan has been initiated by Transition Lymington.

How to get involved and find out more

For more information or to get involved email



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