The Harnham Bunker, an old underground military telephone exchange on the outskirts of the city, has now been revamped as a creative hub.

The underground site is located in a small area of woodland at the junction of Old Blandford Road and Grasmere Close, cut in to the wooded slope of Harnham Hill.

Now, after six weeks of painting, cleaning and re-equipping, it has been relaunched as The Underground Studios.

The 1,500 square foot building now has a live room which is set up to record both music and TV and an audio production suite to create radio, podcasts and record vocals for music.

There is also space for music practice, creating animation or photography as well as the equipment to learn and develop skills.

The majority of projects taking place in the building will be aimed at young people, youth groups and schools.

The team behind the new space - Alex Mobaraki, Naomi Payne and Andy Munns - plans to launch The Underground Studios in the next few weeks.

There will be a series of events and open days taking place from December 3, for people to take a look at the facilities, and an after school programme is expected to start at the beginning of January.

Director Alex Mobaraki said: “We can’t wait to open our doors and have lots of young people in here expressing themselves creatively and making the most of what we have brought into the place.

"The support we have had locally has been amazing. We have not only been backed by both local councils but by local businesses too."

Naomi Payne added: “We have been blown away by the support from local businesses.

"We are lucky in Salisbury to have some world-leading companies.

"One great example is Chord Company, based in Amesbury. They are supplying us with cables so that when kids plug in their instruments, mics or cameras, they are plugging in with some of the best cables money can buy.”

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