I really must write and defend what are very unfair comments against John Glen. 

In any other walk of life, an employee would not be expected to have to pay for accommodation out of their own pocket at two separate office locations for their company or organisation.

It is completely unreasonable to expect John Glen to have to pay for his own accommodation both in Salisbury and in Westminster while he's working and representing us.

He was perfectly entitled to claim for rent in London as the rules did not allow him to live in his own flat and claim for his mortgage payments.

John had a successful private sector career, took a big pay cut to be an MP, and refuses to draw the ministerial salary he is entitled to.

He's doing a great job and that should be the focus of our attention not some manufactured media controversy.

John is an outstanding MP and he cares deeply about his constituents and constituency - that’s all the focus the media should have. 

Damien McCabe


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