POLICE and the local community have come together to tackle speeding in areas of Ringwood.

A SpeedWatch team has been set up for Poulner and Hightown with volunteers monitoring the speed of passing traffic.

Volunteers monitor the speed of passing traffic and then record the details.

Letters are sent out to drivers flouting the speeding limit.

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesperson said: “Driving above the speed limit can have devastating consequences with a quarter of fatalities due to speeding or inappropriate speeds for the road areas and or conditions.

“In response to local police and parish requests for volunteers to tackle the ever-increasing problem of speeding in the local community, the Poulner SpeedWatch team was established.

"They carried out their first SpeedWatch session in late September and are now routinely active in the local community in areas across Poulner that local residents have expressed concerns around speeding.

“Any speed detections over 35mph are recorded by the SpeedWatch team at designated areas where speeding is prevalent – which are provided to us by local policing teams. Those results are then submitted and letters issued to those accordingly. The team of volunteers seek to educate drivers about the dangers of speeding, reduce the number of incidents of speeding in the local community and to ensure that local roads remain safe. They are always looking to attract new members so please do get in contact with your local policing team if you’re interested.

“Remember, a speed limit is exactly that – a limit. Not a target.”

Ringwood mayor, Cllr Tony Ring, who is a member of the SpeedWatch team in the Hightown area, and said: “There has been considerable concern for some time on traffic perceived to be speeding through local roads and after consultation with the police and purchase of equipment by New Forest District Council a voluntary speed watch scheme has been created with teams to operate initially in the Poulner and Hightown areas.

"Vehicles are identified and speeds recorded electronically, information on miscreant behaviour is then passed forward for police action.

“The hope of course being that the presence of speed watchers will deter drivers from exceeding speed limits."

Anyone interested in joining the scheme or finding out more email speedwatch@hampshire.police.uk 

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