These are the planning applications submitted to Wiltshire Council (south), received in the week ending November 21.


PL/2021/10197 - 1 and 2 Park Farm Cottages, Stonehenge Road, Amesbury, SP4 7DA
Full Planning Permission. The demolition of a conservatory, single-storey rear extension and a detached outbuilding plus the removal of two northerly dormer windows. New single storey Orangery to the North elevation, two-storey extensions to the North & East elevations. The installation of three rooflights to the original Northern roofslope and two Dormers and 4 rooflights to the Southern roofslope plus associated internal works.


PL/2021/10791 - Long Ash, Ansty, SP3 5QD

Proposed Works to Trees in a Conservation Area. 7 x Ash trees - fell. 1 x Birch tree - fell.


PL/2021/10545 - 7 Stanley Close, Bishopstone, Salisbury, SP5 4BH

Full Planning Permission. Demolish the existing severely fire damaged building No.7 Stanley Close (one half of the existing two storey semi detached building), erection of new build two storey three bedroom semi detached house adjoining to No.8 Stanley Close.


PL/2021/10544 - Cutlers Cottage, Bowerchalke, SP5 5RB

Works to a Listed Building. Proposed improvements to all of the windows on the property, and to replace the backdoor, with new double glazed windows.


PL/2021/10713 - 1-21 Cranbourne Court, 1-12 Drayton House and 1-36 Heathcote House, Marne Road, Bulford Camp, SP4 9LF

Full Planning Permission. Creation of 117 additional new car parking spaces, demolition of existing garages and associated works.

Clarendon Park

PL/2021/10501 - Haven Court, Marshmead Close, Clarendon, SP5 3DD

Full Planning Permission. Change of use of the existing HMO into one dwelling and the erection of two dwellings plus associated hard and soft landscaping works.

Coombe Bissett

PL/2021/10711 - Barn to Rear of Orchard House, Rockbourne Road, Coombe Bissett, SP5 4LP

Full Planning Permission. Conversion of agricultural building to dwelling house.

Donhead St Mary

PL/2021/10730 - Greenways Church Hill, Donhead St Mary, SP7 9DJ

Proposed Works to Trees in a Conservation Area. 1. Ash tree (1) - suffering from chalera, growing on a steep bank approx. 6 feet from the road, branches stretching over the road. Fell, for safety reasons.. . 2. Yew (2) - a young tree, adjacent to the trunk of the ash. On tree surgeon’s advice, needs felling to enable access to the ash (to avoid ash being brought down on the road).. . 3. Holly (3) - a thin young Holly seedling, adjacent to the yew (3). On tree surgeon’s advice, needs feeling to enable access to ash. . . 4 Douglas Fir (4) - removal of selected lateral branches between 15 and 40 feet up the trunk, both for safety and amenity reasons.


PL/2021/10660 - Orchard House, 192a Bulford Road, Durrington, SP4 8HB

Proposed Works to Trees in a Conservation Area. Removal of Wild Cherry tree, lifting crown on Yew tree and removal of over hanging branches into neighbours garden.


PL/2021/10657 - Ablington Farm, Ablington, Amesbury, SP4 8SX

Full Planning Permission. Erection of Agricultural Building over cattle handling area.

Fittleton cum Haxton

PL/2021/10440 - Fittleton Manor, Fittleton, SP4 9QA

Works to a Listed Building. Replacement of three windows with white painted timber heritage Slimlite glazed windows.


PL/2021/10155 - June Cottage, The Dene, Hindon, SP3 6EE

Householder Application. Single storey extension (Resubmission of PL/2021/04646).

PL/2021/09623 - Land at Chicklade Road, Hindon

Full Planning Permission. Erection of 31 dwellings and general practice surgery (Class E) and associated landscape and access works.


PL/2021/10750 - Churchill Gardens, Southampton Road, Salisbury

Proposed Works to Trees in a Conservation Area. T1 & T2 - Robinias - with honey funew and rapid deterioration over past months. Both are nearly dead and close to footpath. Fell both and replant elsewhere in park.

PL/2021/10742 - Land at St Osmunds Close, Salisbury, SP1 3RB

Full Planning Permission. Construction of two houses with associated parking, access and landscaping.

PL/2021/10693 - B and Q, Southampton Road, Salisbury, SP1 2LE

Advertisement Consent. Folded aluminium panel with vinyl graphics in place of existing. Folded aluminium panel with vinyl graphics. Folded aluminium panel with vinyl graphics. Folded aluminium panel with vinyl graphics in place of existing.

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