FOUR Salisbury choirs joined together to perform for an audience of 820 people at Salisbury Cathedral. 

The concert on Saturday (November 20) saw the Cathedral Choir, Salisbury Musical Society, the St John Singers and the Farrant Singers - perform Monteverdi’s Vespers for the Blessed Mary, accompanied by the period orchestra Florilegium.

Hundreds of singers and eight soloists, positioned all around the Cathedral, took part.

For many of the singers it was the first public performance they had given for two years.

David Halls, the director of music at Salisbury Cathedral, said: “I have wanted to perform the Monteverdi Vespers this way for a long time because I knew that the generous cathedral acoustic would lend itself to having various performance areas.  

"This involved a fair amount of movement of singers and players during the music. On the night, the choreography went smoothly and the singers and instrumentalists worked well together – it was a most rewarding and memorable concert.”


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