THERE has been a rise in reports of car, van and motorbike thefts across Wiltshire. 

Wiltshire Police says it has seen an increase in reports of these type of thefts over the past few weeks.

This, it believes, is is linked to the rise in demand on the second-hand motor trade, as well as delays in getting motor parts.

The police force is urging vehicle owners to take steps to help stop them falling victim to this type of crime.

Detective Constable Jo Chesshire, from Wiltshire Police’s Operation Fortitude, said: “Our team’s job is to identify and track the most serious or prolific crime types across Wiltshire and ensure we are doing everything we can to stop offenders and ensure they face justice.

“These sorts of vehicle thefts can often be part of wider, organised crime, and we will be carrying out enquiries to investigate this.

“However, in the meantime, there are some simple steps everyone can take to try to keep their property safe.”

Security advice

  • Steering wheel locks

Thieves are stealing vehicles in a number of ways including stealing the car keys or using keyless technology. Secure your vehicles with the old fashion steering wheel locks. This way even if they get into your car it makes it much more difficult for them to drive away in it.

  • Anchor motorbikes to ground

Motorbikes should be anchored to the ground using wheel locks or bolt anchors, there are a number of difference security options on the market.

  • Vehicle tracker 

Register your vehicle tracker and enable your onboard computer. If your vehicle doesn’t have a tracker option built in then there are a number of trackers on the market at affordable prices.

For more advice visit the Wiltshire Police website


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