SALISBURY is the busiest train station in Wiltshire, recent figures reveal.

Figures from the Office of Rail and Road shows that 1.6m passengers used one of Wiltshire’s 13 stations in 2020/21.

This is around a 77 per cent drop from the previous year where the same figure was 7m.

Salisbury train station knocked off Chippenham as the busiest station in the county as there were 455,000 comings and goings in the year.

Last year 1.93m people used Chippenham station alone – with 1.9m passengers entering and exiting Salisbury. This year’s figures are the lowest since records began in 1997.

Chippenham was this year the second busiest station (373,000) with Trowbridge taking the bronze podium spot (252,000).

The figures are based primarily on ticket sales and cover the Wiltshire Council unitary area.

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