A Salisbury business shared how the rise in Omicron cases has impacted the hospitality sector and the suprising reception of Covid passes.

The Cathedral Hotel and Bar in Salisbury spoke to the Journal about their fears for Christmas and how the new restrictions introduced due to the rising Omicron cases have impacted their business. 

General manager Tommy Roberts said: “I think if we get to Christmas day with no more restrictions we’ll be really lucky. 

“What I’m saying is that I’m concerned that if this Omicron variant increases the way it has been I can see hospitality targeted in the next week.”

On Friday and Saturday December 10- 11, the venue carried out an informal ‘tick-box’ poll of ‘around’ 700 customers to see if they would still visit the venue if proof of vaccination status was needed. 

Only nine people said they would be deterred, seven of these saying they would be completely put off and two saying they would be a bit put off. 

The rest of the participants in the survey said they would still go out, according to Mr Roberts.

“A lot of them were just like, if we have to do it to go out then we’ll just get it done,” said Mr Roberts on how the introduction of the scheme may encourage people to sort out their vaccine passports.

Covid ‘passports’, which show whether an individual is double jabbed and up to date on their Covid vaccines, are needed to enter nightclubs, big sports matches and other large events as of today, December 15. 

The new rules came into effect despite 99 Conservative MPs voting against the plan on December 14, the biggest rebellion since Prime Minister Boris Johnson took office.

The plans passed with Labour support.  

On the introduction of Covid passes, Mr Roberts said: “I’d rather it this way than to be closed, or to be under restrictions that makes in impossible to be open or for us to trade. 

“We just wait with bated breath to see what the government do next.”

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