A SANTA Claus decoration that was stolen from a Ringwood pub before Christmas two years ago has now mysteriously returned.

The Father Christmas was taken from the London Tavern in Poulner back in 2019.

Landlord Phil Hoyle had appealed for the return of the 12-inch-high figure and had given up all hope of seeing it again until discovering it had been brought back last week.

A note left with it expressed the thieves’ sorrow and said ‘we had drunk far too much’.

Salisbury Journal:

Phil said: “We are delighted he’s been returned and thank those who walked off with him for bringing him back.

“He appears in good shape despite his ordeal and is still clutching the pair of skis he had with him.

“We had got him to promote our Alpine Bar which we ran that year and he really did light up children’s faces."

Salisbury Journal:

“This Christmas we are delighted to be open properly after all the Covid restrictions and have great beer, great food and great entertainment," added Chris. 

“The decorations are up, the log fire is on and our Santa is back above the bar where he belongs.

“Those who took him are forgiven and they are welcome back as long as they drink as much as they did on the night of the crime – and leave all our decorations alone.”


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