HERE are just a few of the lovely animals at the RSPCA's animal centre in Ashley who are still searching for their forver home this Christmas.

1. Bella 

Bella is a two-year-old year Lurcher crossbreed who arrived at the centre on June 8 of this year.

She is a beautiful, bouncy, young girl, with gorgeous blonde eyelashes, who is friendly and affectionate.

Bella enjoys being groomed and having lots of fuss and attention. And also loves playing with balls and toys when she is off the lead.

She also enjoys having a splash in the water.

Bella does need time to get to know new dog friends as she can be reactive towards unknown dogs. She is responding well to behavioural training here and has made some new doggie friends. 

Her ideal home would be an adult only home in a quiet, less built up area where dog walking can be done in less busy areas.

Salisbury Journal:

2. Cluck Norris 

Cluck Norris the cockerel is two-years-old and arrived at the centre in November of last year. He was brought in as a stray. 

He is a typical Cockerel who does crow and become territorial, however given plenty of space he is happy to do his own thing.

The centre is looking to rehome him to an existing flock of similar sized ladies where he will be able to roam, forage and scratch about.

He will need a chicken coop and a large enclosed area approx 12ftx 6ft or larger.

Salisbury Journal:

3. Minty and friends

This group of lively male mice were abandoned and are now looking for a new home as a group of seven or in smaller groups.

Although mice are nocturnal this cheeky group are often around short periods during the day scamping about in their accommodation.

They are timid and will need gentle and careful handling, and they can move at speed.

They can live with older children, but are not suitable for very young children. 

They will need a large cage (minimum length 75cm x width 37.5cm x height 37.5cm) situated in the home where there is minimal disturbance.

Their accommodation should have plenty of hiding places and bedding material in which to burrow, and have varying levels to climb. They should be given things to chew and shred to make their own nests.

Salisbury Journal:

4. Dotty

Dotty, eight, arrived at the centre on July 22, and is a little Staffy with a big smile.

Dotty is a bright spark and picks up news tricks with ease.

She is an affectionate ldog who craves companionship and enjoys a good game of fetch.

Sadly, poor Dotty was locked in a room away from family members and wasn't being well cared for.

Staff at the centre are eager to see her with a family of her own that will cherish her in the way that she deserves. 

Salisbury Journal:

How to find out more 

To find out more about starting the rehoming process visit  the RSPCA centre's website


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