DESPITE her most recent event falling victim to Covid-19, a Salisbury singing coach has shared how the magic of music got her and her choir through the pandemic.

Lilli Badcock has run Evolution choir for around 16 years, and has continued doing so during the trials and tribulations of coronavirus.

This was through remote sessions and, more recently, the return of in-person rehearsals.

The choir was back in full swing and preparing for a singalong evening at Salisbury Chapel in December, which was moved to Guildhall Square and then postponed, as a result of Covid-19.

Lilli hopes the free event can be rescheduled for the new year, as it had a "community focus" and was "guaranteed to get you smiling and singing along".

"It was a new idea following the lockdown, as the choir was nearly gutted to eight or nine members," Lilli told the Journal.

"The power of being in a room with others singing has been so underestimated, it just hasn't been the same [remotely] so we wanted to make a comeback and bring the community with us.

"I just thought if I could get us all in a big space and open its doors for free, then people could come along and get involved with no pressure, and become part of our choir family.

"It's just bringing people together who want to sing and share that passion and enjoyment."

Talking about the benefits of music and singing, Lilli confessed that after losing a friend to cancer during the pandemic, it became even clearer there was a comfort in songs and lyrics that can't be expressed in any other way.

"It's healing ourselves from the inside out," she said, "music is a brilliant way to show how you really feel, especially if you're struggling to express yourself, to sing a song releases that emotion and reduces stress.

"There are just so many more benefits to singing, physical and mental.

"You can read energy and evoke so many emotions, and that is why it is important. During Covid-19 it has been a huge release for us."

Whether a trained singer or the novice, Lilli hopes Salisbury residents will use the rescheduled music event to take part in singing, "creating something special for the community".

Lilli, also a confidence coach, added this will be the biggest event for Evolution yet.

"This pandemic has caused far more anxiety, but we've learned a lot more about how to rely on ourselves and take care of ourselves, as we're all going through the same thing together" she added.

"We just want this event to be something for not only singers, but those who love singing but might feel a bit overwhelmed, can't commit to rehearsals, just something for everyone to enjoy."

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